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    A pool can be a big investment in the value of your home, and the last thing you want is the sun or the weather damaging your equipment, that’s why Screens By Design recommend a pool pump enclosure.

    Not only will your enclosure protect the equipment you already have, but it’s also a stylish alternative to putting in a shed, which can restrict airflow and force the mechanics to perform poorly.

    Call Screens By Design today to get a quote for an enclosure in your space on 07 3204 8676 or enquire online here.

    Why Have a Pool Equipment Enclosure?

    Not only will a pool equipment enclosure protect the pump and electronics, there are several other reasons to install an enclosure;

    • Health and safety – You are already keeping an eye on any children or pets around the pool area so the last thing you want is to have to turn your back on the pool to start watching the mechanicals or chemicals as well.
    • Increase equipment lifespan – Increase the lifespan of the equipment by reducing dust and achieving great airflow, things that are unavoidable when the equipment is in a shed.
    • Fantastic look – One of the most common reasons people choose to install a pool pump enclosure is just that it looks so much better and improves the overall feel of the space.

    Pool Pump Installation Testimonial

    You may have looked at options for a pool pump enclosure in the past, only to find dozens of nameless companies selling premade kits that may or may not assemble into something that is usable as a pool pump enclosure.

    At Screens By Design we work with you to not only find a design that suits but to ensure you know what needs to happen at every step of the installation procedure.

    Recently we worked with Sam and here is what she had to say about the experience:

    Just had a pool cover installed and it looks great, dealings with the company were prompt and very professional. Will use again.

    Sam W.

    Pool Equipment Enclosure

    If you don’t want to wait any longer to protect your investment, call Screens By Design today on 07 3204 8676 or enquire online here and we can work with you to get the ball rolling.

    At Screens By Design our high-tech laser cutter allows us to create extremely detailed patterns, so whatever the shape or design is that you need cut, we can create it.

    Family owned and operated we provide a personalised service, so you aren’t just getting something standard off the shelf.

    Whether you need gates, decorative panels, screens & pergolas, architectural facades, powder coating, or welding & fabrication we can work with you to create a custom solution that ticks all the boxes.

    To talk to us about finding the perfect solution for you, call us on 07 3204 8676 or enquire online here.

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