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Driveway Gates Brisbane: Our Top 5 Tips 

Looking for the right driveway gates for your Brisbane home? 

From a practical point of view, driveway gates can dress up your property, protect it from prowlers and increase privacy, but there’s plenty more to keep in mind when making your final selection. 

Below, we explore the top five considerations for homeowners who are going through the decision-making process. 

5 Things to Consider When Selecting Driveway Gates  

  1. Material 

Driveway gates are exposed to the elements year-round and need to be constructed out of durable material.  

At Screens By Design, we use aluminium for our laser-cut gates as it is versatile, hard-wearing and resistant to rust.  

Other popular materials for gates include wrought iron and steel.  

  1. Design and style 

Not only do your gates have to suit the personality of your property but YOU also have to like the design (let’s not forget you will be looking at them every time you come home!) 

Some homeowners prefer to create a grand entrance and make the gates a feature of the home. Whereas others may opt for a design which is simple and subtle, and consequently blends seamlessly into the surrounding environment. 

At Screens By Design, we understand that everyone has different tastes when it comes to their home. That’s why we have an extensive range of design options, including: 

  • Vertical and horizontal slat screens 
  • Custom laser cut patterns (like these tailor-made aluminium gates which were designed as a nod to the homeowner’s ancestors who were early settlers.) 
  • Standard patterns  

TIP: Remember that driveway gates will have a big influence on the street appeal of your property. If you go for something a bit more ‘out there’ you may put off future buyers.  

  1. Colour 

As with the design of the gate, you may wish to select a bold colour to ensure the gate is eye-catching, or you may opt for something softer and more refined.  

Either way this choice can be quite personal and will come down to your individual taste and the type of property you have.  

We do recommend choosing a colour that compliments the existing colour palette of the home.  

We powder coat our aluminium gates and have a variety of colours to choose from.  

  1. Sliding or Swing Driveway Gate  

At Screens By Design, we can create both sliding and swinging driveway gates. Each of these types of gates has their own set of requirements and you may find one option won’t work for your property due to the terrain or space.  

If you’d like a swinging gate, you will require a reasonably flat driveway, as the panels may not be able to open and close on an incline.  

For a sliding gate, you will need ample space next to the driveway to ensure the gate can retract properly. 

  1. Accessibility 

When determining if your driveway gates will be electric, manual or solar powered, it’s important to think about how they will be used, who needs to access your property this way and frequency. For example, if there are multiple people coming and going throughout the day, they’ll get sick of having to open it manually very quickly! 

Homeowners who are concerned about privacy and security may prefer to install a pin pad so the gates are only opened with a private code.  Gates which are controlled by intercoms are also considered one of the safest alternatives.  

When it comes to reliability, a gate which runs off solar will still open and close in a black out and it’s going to be a cost-efficient option too. 

Why Work with Screens By Design  

Driveway gates are a sizeable investment and choosing the right ones will greatly impact the overall look of your home.  

At Screens By Design we always listen to your needs and hopes, before designing and manufacturing custom made driveway gates for your property.  

Here’s what you can expect working with our expert team:  

  1. We will measure the space so your gates fit perfectly 
  2. Our laser cut gates are high-quality and made for the outdoors 
  3. Got a unique idea in mind? We can help you make it a reality with our custom gate solutions 
  4. We can help with gates for both residential and commercial properties.  

Ready to discuss the ideal gate that’s going to express your style and enhance your property? 

Don’t delay! Reach out to Screens By Design today on 07 3204 8676.  

At Screens By Design our high-tech laser cutter allows us to create extremely detailed patterns, so whatever the shape or design is that you need cut, we can create it.

Family owned and operated we provide a personalised service, so you aren’t just getting something standard off the shelf.

Whether you need gates, decorative panels, screens & pergolas, architectural facades, powder coating, or welding & fabrication we can work with you to create a custom solution that ticks all the boxes.

To talk to us about finding the perfect solution for you, call us on 07 3204 8676 or enquire online here.

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