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6 Benefits of Backyard Privacy Screens 

If you want your home to be a tranquil hideaway which blocks out prying eyes and the hustle and bustle of the outside world, then backyard privacy screens from Screens By Design are a must-have.  

In this blog we share six (6) advantages of including a decorative screen in your garden.  

6 Benefits of Backyard Privacy Screens 

In recent years we’ve been subjected to numerous lockdowns and spent more hours in our own homes, which is why so many of us have invested in home upgrades which promote peace and privacy.  

We believe one of the most cost-effective additions to your backyard is a decorative privacy screen. Installing one not only fosters seclusion and serenity, but it can also act as a unique piece of art or attractive feature within your garden. 

Here are the main benefits of backyard privacy screens.  

  1. Keep out prying eyes 

Yes, it may seem obvious, but when you add a screen into your yard, you’ll create a barrier to protect your space from inquisitive neighbours or passersby. 

Having this privacy will promote a sense of calm and you will feel less self-conscious about going about your business. 

  1.  Screens can double as art feature or focal point 

Privacy screens can also serve the purpose of elevating the appeal of your garden or property.  

Some homeowners will choose a one-of-a-kind design that acts as a piece of art, or stunning feature within the area.  

Others will use a decorative screen to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of their property.  

At Screens By Design, we have standard laser cut patterns for privacy screens or can manufacture a one-off product. 

Not to mention they are made for the outdoors and being exposed to the elements! 

  1. Add some shade 

Installing a privacy screen can add some extra shade to your outdoor area at certain times of the day if your screen placed in the right spot.  

While a patterned screen will not block out all of the sunlight and UV rays, it will filter the light and maintain some airflow to create a pleasant environment.  

Here’s a great example of a client who created a shade area next to their pool.  

  1. Long-lasting  

We create our screens out of aluminium, which has excellent weather resistance and durability. 

Aluminium is also easier to maintain when compared to other materials.  

  1. Create separate spaces within your garden 

Just like within your home, adding a screen will divide a space into sections to create separate outdoor living areas.  

  1. Versatile 

There are so many ways to be creative with decorative screens within a backyard. 

Some of our favourite uses include: 

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